The Lake House
The Lake House
When you come to the Lake House you leave as a friend!

established in 1928

In 1928…

The animated short Plane Crazy is released by Disney Studios in Los Angeles, featuring the first appearances of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The first machine-sliced and machine-wrapped loaf of bread are sold in Chillicothe, Missouri, using Otto Frederick Rohwedder's technology.

Richard Byrd leaves New York for the Arctic.

Republican Herbert Hoover wins the Presidential race by a wide margin over Democratic Governor of New York Alfred E. Smith.

The U.S. Congress approves the construction of Boulder Dam, later renamed Hoover Dam.

….AND The Lodge is Built
A wealthy undertaker from St. Petersburg, FL, USA, built his getaway hunting and fishing camp/lodge on Lake Henderson near Inverness, FL. There was no road – all supplies and visitors came by boat. The visitors were strictly by Invitation Only. At that time the hunting and fishing camp included the upper hall area rooms; the kitchen was outdoors. Next door were little cottages that were used as brothels. The land with the camp included much of the area alongside the cove.

In the 1950s the undertaker added the garages and carriage house.

When the undertaker retired in the mid 1970s, he divided the land. Several homes now sit on this land in addition to the current lodge.

Dorian Lodge

At some point the property became known as the Dorian Lodge.

A couple next owned this property. Their grandchildren came for many visits and played on the grounds – especially the long lawn that extends out to the cove.

Around 1986 one of those grandchildren bought this property when it went up for auction. The wife thought her husband was crazy! She wondered if he had lost his mind!!

This couple paid $10,000 to fix the plumbing and electrical. They then paid another $10,000 for workers to do more repair work. Then, they called it quits and sold it to an artist couple.

Artists Retreat

Gary and Kathwren Jenkins (the artists) put a great deal of money into the property. Gary was the second artist to go on national PBS TV with the show: Jenkins Art Studio. This show aired for 16 years! They added the party room and the bedroom near the party room. This is the bedroom the current innkeeper uses. The couple also added a large kitchen and the grand entrance.

The party room has large windows and was used as their studio. People from all over the world came for art lessons. The artists owned this property for 7 years.

Bed & Breakfast

Husband and wife, Thomas Dryburg and P.C. Hyland, were the next owners. They also owned the Crown Hotel, which is a historical landmark near the courthouse in Inverness and now is an assisted living facility. They used the lodge for overflow from the hotel. They had their daughter and son-in-law manage it as a Bed and Breakfast. When the Crown Hotel was later sold, the Bed and Breakfast was also sold.

The Lake House Bed & Breakfast

Cathy Johnson and David Gagne, a married couple, purchased the lodge in 2004. People from all over the world once again come to the lodge now named The Lake House Bed and Breakfast. Today the B & B has six rooms, can accommodate 14 guests (one room can accommodate four people). Children play on the long lawn down to the cove. Guests enjoy the fantastic views of the lake and the gardens. Cathy serves a full breakfast to her guests and always has time to sit and visit. It has been the gracious setting for weddings, luncheons, and many parties.

Remember the grandson who bought the property at auction when he was a young man? When he was 93 he came to visit the Lake House! It was something he wanted to do before he died – to visit the “Dorien Lodge” again and see the project he had a vision for, but was unable to fulfill. What a great visit he had seeing all the changes! He told Cathy that the Lake House was better and more beautiful than he could have imagined.

Sadly, David passed away in 2015 from cancer. Cathy continues to manage the Lake House and all of the property. Her current project is renovating the Carriage House.

When you come to the Lake House you leave as a friend!

Cathy Johnson